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Key Contacts

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs A Cavanagh - Headteacher

Mr T Clewlow - Curriculum/Options

Mrs M Done - Pastoral/Behaviour/Safeguarding

Mr R Conway - Teaching and Learning

Mr M Tomlinson - Transition/Specialisms/Community Liaison

Ms N Jackson - SENCO

Mrs B Lindley-Clapp - Curriculum/Quality Assurance

Mrs P Iqbal - Business Manager/Premises/Finance


Pupil Progress Leaders (Heads of Year)

Year 7                        Mr C Reid

Year 8                        Miss L Gibbons

Year 9                        Mrs T McAvoy

Year 10                       Mr D Goodfellow/Mr J Shadwell

Year 11                        Mrs H McHale

Social Inclusion Officer : Mrs A Bartley

Safeguarding Lead: Mrs M Done

Director of Inclusion (SENCO): Ms N Jackson

For Lettings contact the school Business Manager (Mrs P Iqbal) using the contact us form