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Business & Enterprise

Enterprise education at All Hallows RC High School is a an excellent collaboration between parents, pupils employers and staff to deliver both project and curriculum based learning opportunities.  Pupils in all years undertake several themed projects created and combined across many subjects.

The aim and purpose of enterprise is to develop pupils skills knowledge and understanding of:

Communication, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Reflection and Evaluation, Independent Learners and Creativity and Innovation to enable them to become flexible independent learners who are able to recognise and take advantage of opportunities.

Enterprise is defined in three ways; social personal and financial.  

Looking after and caring for others, 

Being responsible for self and 

Bbecoming financially aware of the world around us.

We aim to provide pupils with the knowledge skill and understanding to utilize the opportunities around the subject through these definitions.

IDEAS - I am creative, innovative and able to come up with fresh ideas.

DECISIONS - I am able to make effective decisions.

SELF BELIEF - I take a can-do attitude and I am able to believe in myself.

ORGANISATION - I am able to make practical arrangements.

LEADERSHIP - I am able to negotiate with people to get the best from them.

TEAM WORK - I am able to work and negotiate with other people.

DETERMINATION - I am able to keep going when things get tough.

RISK-I am willing to take chances and deal with risky situations.

CREATIVITY - I am able to create something new or make improvements.

COMMUNICATION - I am able to communicate clearly with other people.

FLEXIBILITY - I am able to make changes and adjust plans when necessary.

INDEPENDENCE - I am able to take the initiative and work effectively on my own.

RESPONSIBILITY - I am able to judge what to do and when to do it and take responsibility for improving my own learning.

PROBLEM SOLVING - I am able to overcome problems as they occur, researching and analyzing possible solutions if necessary.

MOTIVATION - I am able to set targets and get results.

FINANCIAL CAPABILITY - I am able to make appropriate decisions in managing my personal finances.

“While enterprise can lead to business creation, it is also about equipping young people with valuable knowledge and understanding, skills, attitudes and qualities that will be important to them throughout their lives, providing them with the confidence to access life long learning and employment opportunities.”